FKMG is one of the most success-minded hip hop record labels in Chicago.
We combine our talent and tastes with knowledge and attention to detail to become a superpower in the world of hip hop.
Audio Enginnering
Skilled, creative, and on point. We bring visions of musical and audio greatness to reality..
Lyrics and melodies made to order. Whatever your goal is, we write winners.
Audio Editing
When you want your finished product to be polished and perfected by the pros, you call on us.
Studio Space
We offer a professional atmosphere where your creative juices can flow. Start achieving your success.
Audio Recording
FKMG couldn’t have become one of the fastest rising hip hop record labels in Chicago without impeccable audio recording equipment and skills.
Camera Operation
Video turns out the best when you have a real expert working the camera. Your creative vision comes to life as your project gets done right.
Executive Team
The FKMG team finds solutions, provides direction, and develops key relationships.
A & R Department
We know talent when we hear it and we know how to get that talent the recognition. It deserves.
Marketing is as much of an art and science as the music it draws awareness to. We make it happen.
The artist should be promoted on every level possible. We make the sure our artist are promoted right.