FKMG Artist Monop

A fresh representative of Midwest hip hop, Derrick “Monopolee” Davis, aka Monop, has opened for Rick Ross and is now promoting his brand new single “Wait Til I Get Me Some Money” from upcoming mixtape titled the same. His last mixtape Real Life is available for retail now on iTunes and all other digital distributors..

Monop has become one of the most talked about new artists in the region. Inspired by the words, “Though it’s not the highest mountain, keep climbing to the top”, his success in both rapping and songwriting continues to expand.

Faced with the realness of his rough childhood, Monop found himself propelled down the wrong path at the age of 12. The desperate need to get money overshadowed the risk of any consequences and led to him being incarcerated early in life. He nevertheless found a role model in his uncle, who encouraged him to become a music artist.

Monop used the time of his incarceration to read books and write music, developing and refining his talent for songwriting and rap. He became so focused on his music that the dream of pursuing a career in rap once he got out consumed all his thoughts. Upon release, Monop made a solemn promise to himself that he would never be incarcerated again.

Recording his first song only fueled his motivation and tightened his focus - making music became his addiction. A glance in the dictionary is what inspired his name; it was from that book that Derrick decided to call himself Monop. As an artist, Monop stands apart for his commanding stage presence. Watching him work, it soon becomes apparent that no one else can handle a mic quite like he can.

Through his many performances throughout Chicagoland, Monop has proven his determination and talent in tapping into his awesome potential in the music industry - he’s putting his greatness out there for the world to witness. Signed with indie music label FKMG and under the guidance of OLAM Entertainment his management team, Monop’s opportunities as a songwriter and hip hop star are endless.