Online Publications and Music Labels

At FKMG we owe much thanks to the major online publications that are active in supporting independent labels and artists by granting them media coverage. Networking with these media outlets strengthens the world of indie music and brings much benefit to all involved, including the fans. Such collaboration defines what the modern new media industry is all about, changing and shaping the realm of popular culture, making it easier for a person with a dream and some ambition get to the top.

Doing a Favor to Music Fans

For music lovers in any genre, there’s nothing like the thrill of finding that next new favorite song. But some of the greatest music, some of the songs a person would instantly fall in love with to the point that they keep it on replay, could remain forever missing from the experience of the one who would appreciate it the most - and that’s a tragedy.

An online publication of any size provides a much-needed service to music fans when it covers an upcoming artist or independent music label; it enriches the life of the one who gets to discover new music and artists through it, not to mention how it propels the artist or label that it promotes.

Much Respect for Media

Throughout history, the media industry has been one of both collaboration and competition. There was radio, for example, but then television came along and knocked many radio stations out of business. Then came the internet, and television stations had to adapt or die.

Many of the media outlets that managed to remain strong are the ones that quickly welcomed newcomers to the industry and worked with them instead of against them to the enrichment of the entire world of media. Synergy and convergence protects people’s options for media consumption, but if there was only war between the various formats, the resulting casualties would be a loss for not just the owners and employees of the closing businesses, but for the entire world.

Perhaps it can be argued that magazines and music media would not contend with one another. Perhaps that’s right, but major online publications influence public opinion and have just as much power to decimate an upcoming indie artist as promote him or her. Those that choose to uplift the artist are due much respect - Chicago’s own Fake Shore Drive is a prime example of one digital publication that we indie music labels highly regard.

Fake Shore Drive

Founded in 2007, Fake Shore Drive is a Chicago-based-and-focused media company and music blog created by Andrew Barber. This media company exists to help Chicago music artists gain national coverage and remains instrumental in the advancement of Chicago’s hip hop scene. Several of the big time stars that came from the city and ended up signing with major record labels and making millions were propelled into success thanks much to Fake Shore Drive. A few of the names include Lil Durk, Chance The Rapper, Chief Keef, Mick Jenkins, and Vic Mensa.

It’s a win, win, win situation when digital publications back indie artists or labels; the publication wins, the artist or label wins, and the fans win. At FKMG, we love networking with media outlets like Fake Shore Drive; outlets that understand the importance of filling in the void that would otherwise pose a grand barrier to the success of upcoming artists in the music industry - much love to you all!