Rest In Peace Johnny P.

Chicago Has lost Johnny Pigram AKA Johnny P....

A lot of people know of Johnny P from his role in Do or Die, but not enough were granted the opportunity to know him as the man he was. Johnny P was a true friend of the FKMG team and we want to extend our condolences to all those who were near and dear to his heart. Indeed, all of Chicago is mourning this astonishing loss.

Gone too soon at age 44, Johnny P didn’t fail to leave his impact on the world of hip hop. His appearance in Do or Die’s hit “Po Pimp” was beyond notable. And let’s not forget Johnny P’s great contribution of vocals in Scarface’s “Smile”, which also featured Tupac. As a music artist, his uncanny talent for infusing tracks with vibrancy compete only with is amazing vocal ability. For many, Johnny P is the voice of Chicago’s soul.

It was rough news when his family reached out to all for prayers, sharing the news that Johnny P was in the hospital and in a coma - he was on life support. Many did pray and send their well wishes, hoping that he’d recover.

With all the controversy the city of Chicago has been enduring, we need the voices that have control of the masses to stay positive and healthy.

News of Kanye West also being hospitalized hit us like a double whammy. But the good news is that Kanye is showing strong signs of recovery - he’s been released from the hospital and is at home getting better and better. And we do want him to get better soon - Please Kanye, we can't take another loss at this moment bro!

For Johnny P, we hold on to all that he was to us and must now look to the past to feel his presence. In the words of Nard:

"John Pigram, my brother we shared a lot of great memories since childhood: Lawson, Lawndale Academy, the music game, etc. To me, you was more than just a friend; we are brothers who really cared for one another, protected each other, and had undying love for each other. You loved Do or Die more than you loved yourself! And I would always tell you that we need you back on this stage healthy. For me to get the news, “He's made his transition” was devastating bro. I know this will hurt me for a while. There’s going to come times when I want us to have our talks as we use to. All I can hear you say is, “Nard, we still are stars. Don't let nobody take that from you, Nard. I'm Johnny mf P”. I love you brother. Johnny P, you will be truly missed."

Checkout the Video "Homies" With Johnny P (Rest In Peace)