How independant labels are making major moves...

The internet has proven to be a formidable foe to many of the major players in the music industry, but it’s also become the independent record label’s best friend. When music first became available online, hard hits such as illegal file sharing, pirating, and so forth undermined sales and caused many to lose some serious profits from royalties. Some predicted that the internet would mean the end of the music industry as we knew it, and they were a bit right.

Times have changed and those who weren’t able to keep up with innovation plummeted from the height of greatness they had once achieved. The internet did succeed in turning the music industry upside down, but that gave rise and freedom to the indie artist and the indie record label.

It Gives Them More Power to Promote

While promoting an artist in the old days was all about venues, radio stations, and making connections with the big boys, now it’s about building rapport with the fans and getting the music available through strategic digital channels. Back then, the independent record label was the industry’s underdog, fighting through the giants in order to get the artists it represents recognition. Today it can deal directly and has found its place as an expert in online music marketing.

It Transforms Independent Record Labels into Big Contenders

The internet has put more power in the hands of the indie artist and the indie label than has ever been before; it has leveled the playground, giving all an equal chance. While making connections is still very important in this industry, it is no longer a crucial part of reaching the masses - plus, getting those key connections has become a lot easier. Now it’s more feasible for an artist signed with an independent record label to gain success just as fast as they might with a major label, if not faster.

It Inspires New Artists to Step Forward

There are many amazingly talented musical artists who, before the internet boom and Youtube, had no plans of pursuing a career in music. They didn’t like the odds of getting ‘discovered’ and wanted no part in the real and perceived drama of dealing with big time managers and music industry executives. But when word spread that now anyone can publish and promote their tracks online, these hidden talents started flooding into the limelight, seeking the assistance of their favorite indie label.

Thanks to the internet, the advantages of signing with an independent record label are tremendous and growing, which is a contradiction to what many so-called music industry experts predicted. With its preexisting acclamation to grassroots marketing, the indie label is in a unique and beneficial position to get success for its artists through the vast array of digital channels - and that makes the internet its best friend.